The TRU Energy Skincare System

TRU ENERGY - All-Natural Skin Nourishment System

TRU ENERGY’s breakthrough FaceLift Regime has been scientifically designed to help specifically counteract and rejuvenate the visible signs of aging in your face and neck without plastic surgery, dangerous chemicals, injections or painful treatments. What sets TRU ENERGY apart from other anti-aging skincare creams is that Tru Energy not only improves the beauty of the skin but it addresses the deeper levels that cause many of the signs of aging.

TRU ENERGY’s powerful skincare formulations are rich with clinically proven active ingredients. Each is an integral part of the FaceLift Regime, and has been designed for a specific purpose within the system.

Energy-Optimizing Wand (EO-Wand)
Made from surgical stainless steel, this Energy-Optimizing “Wand” has also been charged with a precise magnetic frequency. While it is being used as an acupressure device according to the included TRU ENERGY Facial Map, it also will be hyper-activating the topical skincare products, allowing them to maximize their critical functions at the deepest levels.

Gently Clarifying Facial Cleanser
Is infused with fruit-based cleansers gently remove makeup, dirt and environmental pollutants to leave your skin smooth, soft and fresh while rare botanical extracts balance the skin’s acid mantle and help repair its lipid barrier.

Deeply Purifying Facial Scrub
Exfoliates dry, damaged skin with gentle Jojoba Beads while purging deeply set toxins and sebum. Helps decrease pore size, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of redness and dark spots, restoring a radiant and youthful look.

Protective Therapeutic Daytime Treatment
Features a rare Swiss Apple Stem Cell Complex clinically proven to stimulate the skin’s own collagen and elastin production, helping rebuild new healthy tissue at the deepest levels. This balanced formulation helps shields skin from the harsh effects of the sun throughout the day.

Restorative Nourishing Overnight Treatment
Multiple anti-aging actives deliver essential antioxidants and vitamins, restoring and rebuilding the delicate chemistry of your skin’s natural functions while a broad spectrum moisturizing complex provides immediate and long term hydration where it’s needed most.

Intensely Anti-Aging Facial Serum
Incredibly dense concentration of potent all-natural active anti-aging ingredients providing ongoing nourishing, hydrating, restorative treatment to your skin, to help rejuvenate aging skin cells. Used at the end of the Regime together with the EO-Wand for lifting and firming of your skin.

With the TRU ENERGY ALL Natural Facelift System you'll get the Sonic and have the chance to utilize it with all of the our most popular facial treatments, cleansers and scrubs.    

Plus with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase you'll be able to return in the first 30 days with no questions asked! 

Tru Energy Skin Nourishment Kit with Sonic Wand

Enjoy the full Tru Energy Skin Nourishment Kit including our most popular facial treatments, cleansers, and scrubs.  The full kit includes the following:

  • Deep Purifying Facial Scrub
  • Gentle Clarifying Facial Cleanser
  • Anti-Aging Serum
  • Protective Daytime Treatment
  • Restorative Nourishing Overnight Treatment
  • Sonic Energy Application Wand

Tru Energy real Results

Vonda Fox
The quality of the creams in Tru Energy, to me they’re thick they smell great, they go on your skin and it feels fresh.  I feel my skin has tightened up even when I put the product on maybe 30 seconds later I can feel the skin pulling and tightening and feeling firmer.  My pores are smaller and it just makes my skin look soft and supple and really well conditioned.

Before & After Images of Using TRU ENERGY Products